First Etsy Treasury Experience

I had the pleasure of making my very first treasury. I was so thrilled! Now I know most treasuries are about themes based on the product or color schemes, but mine...was not really about that. It was about the people featured. One of the most wonderful thing about etsy is meeting people who are kind and helping, people who brightened my day by either featuring little me on their blog or put me in their treasuries. My first treasury was about saying a thank to those dear friends.

Treasuries expire quickly, sadly this one expired today, but if you click on the picture it will become large enough for you to see the featured shop names. Take a minute to visit these honeys!

Much to my surprise the next day I snagged a treasury west. I hear it's difficult to snag a treasury, but I got lucky and was able to create one more. This one includes all my favorite photographers on etsy. Some of them have been hearted by me for a long time.
If ever you don't know what to get me as a gift, this my wish list!

I can't believe I blogged about something about other than gems...

ZionShore's Femme Fatale Collection Video Preview

How To Choose The Lariat Length That Is Perfect For You

Lariats are very popular (especially on Wisteria Lane) and so much fun to wear. The best thing about them is one lariat may give you different looks.
A lariat (Also called the Y necklace) is a long chain with no clasp. It has gemstones and charms on either end. It is worn by just wrapping the chain around once, or if you want to feel a little more secure you could wrap it around twice. If a lariat has a hoop on one end then it may also be worn by threading one end through the hoop.
The picture below shows the different length lariats maybe worn: both close to the neckline or away from it. Click on the picture to make it larger.

So how would you know what the best length is for the look you want to create?
I’ve got a rule of thumb on figuring that out. It takes the guess work out of ordering the correct length for your lariat look you want to wear.
Here are the three easy steps.
1- Start with your base length. This would be the shortest length that you wear necklaces at without feeling uncomfortable. Such as 14” (S), 15" (M) or 16" (L).
2- Then to achieve different looks follow the guide line below.

3” plus your base length for look A
4” plus your base length for look B
5” plus your base length for look C
6” plus your base length for look D
8-9” plus your base length for look E
9-10” plus your base length for look F

Now since we’re all a bit different, the next step is very important.

3- Double check the length by measuring and cutting some yarn at the length you selected from above. Try the yarn around your neck in front of a mirror. It's always easier to choose once you can see what it looks like.

STOP - If you’ve rolled your eyes several times so far while reading this, then the faux lariat is for you! A faux lariat will give the same look without having to wrap around or thread your necklace through the loop. The faux lariat has a clasp in the back and the dangles in the front are in a fixed position. All you have to do is pick the style you want and wear it like a regular necklace.

All the lariats in my shop can be remodeled into a faux lariat.
It’s just one e-mail away. My favorite ones are the ones with the front closing toggles!

Crazy Ex-BoyFriend Giveaway Winners!

The Crazy Ex-Boyfriend Giveaway ended last night all the Interrupted necklaces have been named by ZionShore Facebook fans after their crazy ex's.

Thanks so much to everyone that entered and made it such a fun time.

Two winners have been picked and they may choose anyone of the interrupted necklaces as their prize! Congradulations Emily Gullo and Anne Jolly!

I can't wait for the next giveaway!

The Crazy Ex-boyfriend Giveaway!

Zionshore's FaceBook Fan page now has over 100 Fans!
Let's celebrate with the Crazy Ex-Boyfriend Giveaway.

I have a new necklace design; the necklace comes in a dozen different gemstones. I would like to name each different gemstone necklace after a FaceBook fans crazy ex-boyfriends. The necklace design is a delicate gold chain interrupted by one inch of gemstone.

If you would like to participate in the giveaway, here’s what to do:

Become a ZionShore FaceBook Fan!
ZionShore on Facebook

For the next two weeks, as I list each of the 12 necklaces on Etsy I will post the link on FaceBook. All you have to do to participate is leave a comment for any one of the 12 necklace postings. Your comment must include the first name of the craziest ex-boyfriend you’ve ever had.


As much fun as that would be! Please DO NOT include last names or pictures or phone numbers! ;P

I will update the Etsy listing title with names provided by you! I will also mention in the Etsy listing that a FaceBook fan helped name the necklace, If you would like me to specify your first name in the listing let me know.

48 hours after the last necklace is listed, I will randomly select 2 winners from those that have left a comment. The two lucky winners will win one necklace each. The winners may select any one of the gemstone necklaces listed in their choice of Silver or Gold chain.

Good Luck!
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Necklace Length Horoscope

I have wanted to write about necklace lengths for a little while now. I took all the pictures and was ready to run with it, but somehow I just couldn’t get myself to write the same thing that has been said before about necklace lengths and crew necks and plunging necklines. Yawn.

I get the feeling women pretty much know what they look good in; when you look in the mirror and catch yourself smiling back, then what you’re wearing is working for you. So you’re not going to be getting fashion advice from me today. Instead I thought we could have a little laugh.

Today I will be using my interpretive powers (for entertainment purposes only) to do necklace length horoscope readings. Which necklace length are you?


Collar 12-14”

You like to stand back and watch before you join in, but this does not mean you are shy. You get your devilish kicks out of cutting in line at the supermarket and count to see how many people will hold the door open for you in one day. Your lipstick color is always bold. Your shoes are always sensible but your bra doesn’t always have to be.

Choker 14-16”

You’re sweet as sugar pie and everyone you meets wants to be your best friend. You love mystery and intrigue and get bored easily. Your lipstick is red hot like you. You may have Mary Jane’s on your feet but you’re not the average girl next door. Your bra is just one piece of the complete costume that is hanging in your closet.


Princess 17-19”

You are honest and always fair. You like to look people straight in the eyes when you speak to them. It is important to you that others always know how much you love and care for them. Your shoes are ultra feminine. You are the queen of matchy-match. Your bra always matches your panties and your panties match your lipstick.


Matinee 20-24”

A girlie girl who is not afraid to stand on her own two feet. You take pride in your day job but on weekends you are a wild child. You love taking long walks and watching the sunset. You are a free spirit living in a structured world. You’re shoes always reflect your exotic side. Your lipstick is never neutral and your bra is never a solid color.


Opera 28-34”

You always make a grand entrance. Every one must know that you are here! You giggle and smile and always have time to hang out with friends. You love to shop (please visit my shop You love your shoes. Your lipstick matches the highlights in your hair. Everything about you is cute, even your underwear!


Rope 45”

You always know what you want. You are the one that friends come to for advise and you are able to offer them comfort and a strong voice of reason. Though you enjoy having fun it is more important to have your feet always firm on the ground. Your hair is never out of place and your shoes are always beautiful and suited for the occasion. Your makeup and lipstick are polished and never over board. Your bra is either in the flesh tones, white or black.



You’re always thinking and have a lot on your mind. You enjoy sharing your thoughts and always feel the need to reach out to others. You have nothing to hide! You love tattoos, but most likely have none. You own one lipstick, two bras but well over 40 pairs of shoes.

Which necklace length are you?

Black is back

The cool nights are already here and winter is just around the corner. We can’t help but get excited and start planning our wardrobe for the upcoming season.

All around the world the Fashion Show weeks confirm that black and neutrals are dominating the runways. Celebrities have already been spotted at movie premieres and magazine covers wearing little black leather dresses.

This is very good news for jewelry lovers!

Black and neutrals accompany well many gemstones. The choice of what jewelry to wear this fall/winter season has greatly widened. With your wardrobe as the neutral pallet your jewelry can shine up front and center. Both silver and gold marry well with the neutral pallet, so it’s only natural that layering and two-toned is very big.

This season’s collection is loaded with sapphires in blue and multi colors. Deep rich jewel tones gems with detailed charms in gold and silver. Necklaces are long and worn layered and earrings are dramatic.

Here’s a sneak peek of must have pieces from the ZionShore’s Fall/Winter 2009-2010 Femme Fatale collection. See the complete collection available for purchase starting in September

The Coolest Night Time Party Animal Gemstones

There’s a secret that your sales clerk won’t tell you about your brand new gemstone jewel.

There is a group of gems that are unstable and they like to be cool and much prefer to party when it’s dark. And they have good reason for being that way.

I imagine these gems to be like a beautiful young starlet who has been out all night, hiding behind her sunglasses, avoiding the sunrise and camera flashes from the crowd, rushing back to her ride that will take her home.

The greatest example of one of these gems is the Kunzite. As a very expensive stone quality Kunzite could go for 100$ to 1500$ dollars a carat. Yikes! The color in Kunzite is important and very appealing to buyers. But would you still make such an investment if you knew her secret?

Kunzite is one of the stones whose color is unstable. Over time unstable gems will loose their color especially when exposed to sunlight, when left by the heater on a stormy winter night or left in car on a hot summer day.

Some of your cool night time party animals include Chrysoprase and Aquamarine. They will grow pale when out in the sunlight for too long. It will only take citrine a few hours to permanently change color. Carnelian will change color from brown to red when placed in sunlight. A jeweler’s torch is hot enough to change the color of Alexandrite. I can’t help but be a little shaken every time I think about this one. Natural Topaz which is brown will change color in the short time it takes to go from the mine to the truck.

Gems need your TLC. Some don’t stand well to light or heat. Some shouldn’t be washed with soap and hot water. It’s important for you to learn how to take care of your favorite precious pieces, so they stand the test of time. A well informed jeweler will always gladly share this info.

10 Fun Gem Facts

1- Aquamarine is used to stop toothaches by crystal healers.

2- Topaz is the Utah state gem.

3- Cinnabar, the genuine stone is extremely toxic (red mercury). The cinnabar beads we see on the market now are man made with resin.

4- Garnet is the beautiful deep red gemstone whose name comes from the Latin word granatum, which means pomegranate. Yummy!! I love them both.

5- Iolite was used by the Vikings for navigation at sea. Looking through an iolite lens enabled them to determine the position of the sun.

6- Jet is the only stone that is naturally pure black. It is composed of coal, carbonized wood. It is sometimes called Black Amber because it also comes from fossilized trees.

7- Kyanite is the mineral aluminum silicate which is also used to manufacture spark plugs, porcelain and other heat resistant ceramics.

8- Lapis Lazuli in powdered form was used as eye shadow by the Ancient Egyptians.

9- Moonstone in India is considered sacred and is a talisman of good fortune and success.

10- Rose Quartz is used by crystal healers to assist in weight loss, to clear the complexion and protect against wrinkles.

Seriously? Please excuse me while I make myself a rose quartz anything!

Meet the Beryl Family

Years back I happened on a beautiful gold ring. It had a raised setting with open scroll work all along the sides and the most eye catching beautiful emerald cut yellow stone. The color was uniform and nothing like I had seen before. It had no hues of orange or brown at all. It was yellow gone wild. That was the first time I saw a Yellow Beryl.

Everyone knows the Emerald; it is one of the most famous of the Beryl’s. The Emerald is the Green Beryl with the most perfect and sought after color.

Aquamarine is a beautiful blue stone and is also a Beryl. The rest of the Beryl’s are often just called Aquamarine for some reason. We often see strands of aquamarine rondelles in a colorful rainbow of pastel colors. That beautiful rainbow is the proud display of the entire Beryl family.

Morganite (Pink Beryl), Helidor (Yellow Beryl), Goshenite (Clear Beryl), Aquamarine (Blue Beryl) & Lastly Soft Green Beryl

Sweeter Than Cotton Candy!

I never ended up buying the ring. It was too many sizes too small for me, but now I wish I had at least taken a picture of it.
It was love at first sight with Beryl.

Is That Really A Sapphire?

It has always amused me how the gem industry comes up with the prettiest nicknames for some stones. Such as “Water Sapphires” (Iolite), “Green Onyx”, (Chalcedony) and my new favorite is “Evening Emerald” (see below).

As sweet and glamorous as they may sound though, if you’re not familiar with them they could end up being confusing, even misleading.

Here’s a picture example of the stone with the nickname and then the real McCoy shown in both gemstone and cabochon quality:

1- Sapphire quartz: Is it a Sapphire? No it’s Blue Chalcedony
2- Bohemian Ruby: Is it a Ruby? No it’s Red Garnet
3- Evening Emerald: Is it an Emerald? No it’s Peridot
4- Oregon Moonstone: Is it a Moonstone? No it’s White Chalcedony

It’s a little less amusing though when completely synthetic stones (resin, glass, plastic) are at times being referred to as “precious or semi precious”. Did you know that cherry quartz, pineapple quartz, tanzanite quartz, etc. are not mined stones at all? Don’t be swayed by the word quartz in the name, they are synthetic.
Don’t be shy to always ask your jeweler lots of questions before you buy a piece. Is this stone manmade or mined? Where is it mined? A well informed jeweler will always gladly share this info.

Not All Drusies Are Created Equal

Ever wonder why some necklaces or druzy pendants are priced at hundreds of dollars while others can be purchased for less than 10 dollars? Well let me tell you……

It’s all about one single simple little word that is either included or not in the description of the piece, and that’s the word “Natural”. If you don’t see this word in the description of the druzy you are considering, then be assured, that a slab of stone has been put through a process. Epoxy glue has been spread on it like peanut butter on toast, followed by a sprinkling of broken bits of crystals. “Et Voila” a man made druzy is born.

Natural occurring druzy at its most valuable is when crystals form in nature on an already celebrity stone such as Garnet, Carnelian, Vanadinite, Ocean Jasper and ooohhhh weakening at the knees just thinking about the ocean blue dips and waves of Chrysocolla.

Of course there are other factors that determine the price of a druzy but not one as such as when it’s natural versus man made. You know the saying, if it’s too good to be true…..

I have a great love for druzy. It’s a spectacular and awesome display of nature’s handiwork that could be brought home with you. In the years gone by I have sold many pieces that I still enjoy to remember with photos, and am happy to have come by such beautiful stones. I’m glad to say they were sold to people that truly valued them; some have even been serious stone collectors. Displayed for enjoyment is a gallery of some of my sold pieces.

The not so innocent Moonstone

Gemstones beware! The ocean blues of Apatite and Peruvian Opals usually dominate summer time jewelry designs. This summer though they're going to have to make room for the new blue in town.

Bat your eyes once and you will quickly learn that this gemstone is a wild child. Not at all the innocent angelic white that drapes her outwardly appearance. Moonstone always finds a way to electrify her subjects. Her blue is not in the least bit subtle or soft. She will catch the eye of her suitor in a quick and potent flash.

Some facts:

Moonstone comes in many colors. grey, white, pink, green and brown, but the most coveted are deep blue. It's hardness scale is 6 - 6.5. Easy enough to work with so that it won't chip or break when wire wrapping but does requires some care while wearing. The color flash is produced by light reflections from the stones internal inclusions.

Go figure, inclusions in moonstone is a really good thing!