The Bead Inspectors

The bead inspectors at ZionShore are two furry males with lots of facial hair. They are quite new to this job and when they are not busy whacking beads underneath the fridge or couch they moonlight as the backyard surveillance team.

Their names are Charlie and Thomas. They have only been with me just a little over a year. Charlie is 6 years old and Thomas is 3. They are my parents cats. After having them since they were tiny kittens my Mom's mysterious chronic cough of 2 years was diagnosed as "severe cat allergies".

So they came to live with my family. Thomas was first to arrive! It wasn't easy for him, he tried to make himself at home, but he missed Charlie!!

And Charlie felt all alone and wondered where Thomas had gone to.

Not too long after though Charlie joined him and they have settled in quite nicely.

The toys in my house are all on double duty. My son plays with them during the day and the cats have at it in the middle of the night.

Nothing ever goes on in the back yard without their knowing about it!

My mom dreams of having them back one day. That may not be possible, especially with Thomas, but she does visit them! In fact she'll be over this weekend to pamper them!

Sprint into Spring Sale

ZionShore's biggest sale ever!! Spring is just around the corner and there's a big spring cleaning going on at ZionShore to make room for new lovelies.

Limited edition pieces from fall and winter will not be renewed. So if you've had pieces on your wish list, then now is the time to snatch them up at discounts of up to 35% off.

Happy Shopping!