First Etsy Treasury Experience

I had the pleasure of making my very first treasury. I was so thrilled! Now I know most treasuries are about themes based on the product or color schemes, but mine...was not really about that. It was about the people featured. One of the most wonderful thing about etsy is meeting people who are kind and helping, people who brightened my day by either featuring little me on their blog or put me in their treasuries. My first treasury was about saying a thank to those dear friends.

Treasuries expire quickly, sadly this one expired today, but if you click on the picture it will become large enough for you to see the featured shop names. Take a minute to visit these honeys!

Much to my surprise the next day I snagged a treasury west. I hear it's difficult to snag a treasury, but I got lucky and was able to create one more. This one includes all my favorite photographers on etsy. Some of them have been hearted by me for a long time.
If ever you don't know what to get me as a gift, this my wish list!

I can't believe I blogged about something about other than gems...

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