The Crazy Ex-boyfriend Giveaway!

Zionshore's FaceBook Fan page now has over 100 Fans!
Let's celebrate with the Crazy Ex-Boyfriend Giveaway.

I have a new necklace design; the necklace comes in a dozen different gemstones. I would like to name each different gemstone necklace after a FaceBook fans crazy ex-boyfriends. The necklace design is a delicate gold chain interrupted by one inch of gemstone.

If you would like to participate in the giveaway, here’s what to do:

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For the next two weeks, as I list each of the 12 necklaces on Etsy I will post the link on FaceBook. All you have to do to participate is leave a comment for any one of the 12 necklace postings. Your comment must include the first name of the craziest ex-boyfriend you’ve ever had.


As much fun as that would be! Please DO NOT include last names or pictures or phone numbers! ;P

I will update the Etsy listing title with names provided by you! I will also mention in the Etsy listing that a FaceBook fan helped name the necklace, If you would like me to specify your first name in the listing let me know.

48 hours after the last necklace is listed, I will randomly select 2 winners from those that have left a comment. The two lucky winners will win one necklace each. The winners may select any one of the gemstone necklaces listed in their choice of Silver or Gold chain.

Good Luck!
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SassyBelle said...

That is a great contest idea:) And, I love your backyard surveillance team!

ZionShore said...

Thank-you! I see you have a cute furry team of your own!

AlisonWonderland said...

I commented as Alison Camilleri
gemini5757 at hotmail dot com

ZionShore said...


Sara said...

I named Dorian woot that is so awesome

janil said...


ZionShore said...

I'm glad it made you laugh. It is supposed to be all in fun! I hope you will enter.

Fern said...

It's really beautiful :) You have great taste!

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