Necklace Length Horoscope

I have wanted to write about necklace lengths for a little while now. I took all the pictures and was ready to run with it, but somehow I just couldn’t get myself to write the same thing that has been said before about necklace lengths and crew necks and plunging necklines. Yawn.

I get the feeling women pretty much know what they look good in; when you look in the mirror and catch yourself smiling back, then what you’re wearing is working for you. So you’re not going to be getting fashion advice from me today. Instead I thought we could have a little laugh.

Today I will be using my interpretive powers (for entertainment purposes only) to do necklace length horoscope readings. Which necklace length are you?


Collar 12-14”

You like to stand back and watch before you join in, but this does not mean you are shy. You get your devilish kicks out of cutting in line at the supermarket and count to see how many people will hold the door open for you in one day. Your lipstick color is always bold. Your shoes are always sensible but your bra doesn’t always have to be.

Choker 14-16”

You’re sweet as sugar pie and everyone you meets wants to be your best friend. You love mystery and intrigue and get bored easily. Your lipstick is red hot like you. You may have Mary Jane’s on your feet but you’re not the average girl next door. Your bra is just one piece of the complete costume that is hanging in your closet.


Princess 17-19”

You are honest and always fair. You like to look people straight in the eyes when you speak to them. It is important to you that others always know how much you love and care for them. Your shoes are ultra feminine. You are the queen of matchy-match. Your bra always matches your panties and your panties match your lipstick.


Matinee 20-24”

A girlie girl who is not afraid to stand on her own two feet. You take pride in your day job but on weekends you are a wild child. You love taking long walks and watching the sunset. You are a free spirit living in a structured world. You’re shoes always reflect your exotic side. Your lipstick is never neutral and your bra is never a solid color.


Opera 28-34”

You always make a grand entrance. Every one must know that you are here! You giggle and smile and always have time to hang out with friends. You love to shop (please visit my shop You love your shoes. Your lipstick matches the highlights in your hair. Everything about you is cute, even your underwear!


Rope 45”

You always know what you want. You are the one that friends come to for advise and you are able to offer them comfort and a strong voice of reason. Though you enjoy having fun it is more important to have your feet always firm on the ground. Your hair is never out of place and your shoes are always beautiful and suited for the occasion. Your makeup and lipstick are polished and never over board. Your bra is either in the flesh tones, white or black.



You’re always thinking and have a lot on your mind. You enjoy sharing your thoughts and always feel the need to reach out to others. You have nothing to hide! You love tattoos, but most likely have none. You own one lipstick, two bras but well over 40 pairs of shoes.

Which necklace length are you?


shannon said...

About as accurate as real horoscopes, but more fun.

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