Meet the Beryl Family

Years back I happened on a beautiful gold ring. It had a raised setting with open scroll work all along the sides and the most eye catching beautiful emerald cut yellow stone. The color was uniform and nothing like I had seen before. It had no hues of orange or brown at all. It was yellow gone wild. That was the first time I saw a Yellow Beryl.

Everyone knows the Emerald; it is one of the most famous of the Beryl’s. The Emerald is the Green Beryl with the most perfect and sought after color.

Aquamarine is a beautiful blue stone and is also a Beryl. The rest of the Beryl’s are often just called Aquamarine for some reason. We often see strands of aquamarine rondelles in a colorful rainbow of pastel colors. That beautiful rainbow is the proud display of the entire Beryl family.

Morganite (Pink Beryl), Helidor (Yellow Beryl), Goshenite (Clear Beryl), Aquamarine (Blue Beryl) & Lastly Soft Green Beryl

Sweeter Than Cotton Candy!

I never ended up buying the ring. It was too many sizes too small for me, but now I wish I had at least taken a picture of it.
It was love at first sight with Beryl.


SleightGirl said...

I've seen a few pieces that I never bought and later wished I had or at least photographed it...sigh...the ring that got away.

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