How To Choose The Lariat Length That Is Perfect For You

Lariats are very popular (especially on Wisteria Lane) and so much fun to wear. The best thing about them is one lariat may give you different looks.
A lariat (Also called the Y necklace) is a long chain with no clasp. It has gemstones and charms on either end. It is worn by just wrapping the chain around once, or if you want to feel a little more secure you could wrap it around twice. If a lariat has a hoop on one end then it may also be worn by threading one end through the hoop.
The picture below shows the different length lariats maybe worn: both close to the neckline or away from it. Click on the picture to make it larger.

So how would you know what the best length is for the look you want to create?
I’ve got a rule of thumb on figuring that out. It takes the guess work out of ordering the correct length for your lariat look you want to wear.
Here are the three easy steps.
1- Start with your base length. This would be the shortest length that you wear necklaces at without feeling uncomfortable. Such as 14” (S), 15" (M) or 16" (L).
2- Then to achieve different looks follow the guide line below.

3” plus your base length for look A
4” plus your base length for look B
5” plus your base length for look C
6” plus your base length for look D
8-9” plus your base length for look E
9-10” plus your base length for look F

Now since we’re all a bit different, the next step is very important.

3- Double check the length by measuring and cutting some yarn at the length you selected from above. Try the yarn around your neck in front of a mirror. It's always easier to choose once you can see what it looks like.

STOP - If you’ve rolled your eyes several times so far while reading this, then the faux lariat is for you! A faux lariat will give the same look without having to wrap around or thread your necklace through the loop. The faux lariat has a clasp in the back and the dangles in the front are in a fixed position. All you have to do is pick the style you want and wear it like a regular necklace.

All the lariats in my shop can be remodeled into a faux lariat.
It’s just one e-mail away. My favorite ones are the ones with the front closing toggles!


Samantha said...

This was really neat, I've actually never worn or made a lariat myself, so very informative!

Southern Belle said...

I have one and didn't even know it was called a lariat, ha. Great tips on it.

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