10 Fun Gem Facts

1- Aquamarine is used to stop toothaches by crystal healers.

2- Topaz is the Utah state gem.

3- Cinnabar, the genuine stone is extremely toxic (red mercury). The cinnabar beads we see on the market now are man made with resin.

4- Garnet is the beautiful deep red gemstone whose name comes from the Latin word granatum, which means pomegranate. Yummy!! I love them both.

5- Iolite was used by the Vikings for navigation at sea. Looking through an iolite lens enabled them to determine the position of the sun.

6- Jet is the only stone that is naturally pure black. It is composed of coal, carbonized wood. It is sometimes called Black Amber because it also comes from fossilized trees.

7- Kyanite is the mineral aluminum silicate which is also used to manufacture spark plugs, porcelain and other heat resistant ceramics.

8- Lapis Lazuli in powdered form was used as eye shadow by the Ancient Egyptians.

9- Moonstone in India is considered sacred and is a talisman of good fortune and success.

10- Rose Quartz is used by crystal healers to assist in weight loss, to clear the complexion and protect against wrinkles.

Seriously? Please excuse me while I make myself a rose quartz anything!


Esshaych said...

Excellent facts!

Justine said...

If I had know that about Rose Quartz, I would have figured a way to stitch them into my comforter on my bed! Garnets and pomegranates, both yummy! Great list!

Nicomi "Nix" Turner said...

What a fun and enlightening post! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Good info for my project!

Anonymous said...

Great info.(I'm making a project too.)

Anonymous said...

Good info.

Anonymous said...

ok but a little more info will help alot

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