Search Engine Antics

Through out 2009 I was able use a Google tool called Analytics to see stats on visitors that stopped by my Etsy shop. One of the things Analytics does is list the search keywords that people typed which brought up the results for ZionShore. Some of the keywords used in the searches make sense (actually most of them make sense). For example if someone were to search - Red Spinel gold leaf necklace - Chances are my shop will appear in the search results and if you click on the result, Voila!, you end up at my shop.

There were however some questionable keyword searches that landed people in my shop. These search keywords make no sense and are totally unrelated to ZionShore because the items cannot be found there nor are they in the tags. But they are just downright hilarious. I thought I’d share them with you and am really glad there’s not that many!

6-hanging light kit
If I did have one in my shop it would definately look like this one!

5-1970 heels

4-AC/DC diy shirt
I wonder if #5 and #4 were searches from the same person ... hmmm

3-reuseable sandwich bags

2-stuffed moustache with a moustache
Doesn't a bunny with a mustache just make him a cat?

1-x files tv props
This one my favorite! Who knows, maybe my next necklace collection will have spy cams in the pendants.


French Revelation said...

These are definitely hilarious. I'm still trying to figure out Analytics.

Metalsgirl said...

That is hilarious! I am going to go look at mine now...I don't think that I have ever looked at the key words part, don't even think I knew you could look at that on google analytics! Thanks for the info!

lightkeeping said...

This made me laugh:) Off to check those key words on my analytics, I've never seen such an option there. Thanks for opening my eyes;)

the Lost Earring said...

Those shoes are crazy ha ha! Disco bowchickabowbow :)

Som's Studio said...

Haha! These are some funny keywords to look for your store! The most bizarre that I got were 'vertigris' and 'fox gocco'! Go figure!

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